Boiler Servicing in Warsop

Boiler Servicing

We thought it would be beneficial to detail what a boiler service entails, we like our customers to know exactly what they get for their money.

  • Our Gas Safe registered engineer will inspect your boiler and controls to ensure it is operating safely
  • The boiler will be tested for corrosion and leaks
  • The boilers casing will be removed to test and check all the components are functioning safely and correctly
  • A gas pressure check will ensure the boiler is operating within the correct pressure ranges
  • A flue test will ensure no hazardous emissions are being released
  • The relevant parts will be cleaned where required.
  • The casing will then be refitted and sealed correctly upon completion.

The Benefits of a Boiler Service

  • You could save money on repairs – A boiler engineer will be able to pick up on any minor faults which could escalate to a full blown break down in the future. This could save you money and help avoid the inconvenience of a broken boiler
  • A boiler check could save you and your families lives – According to the Health & Safety Executive, carbon monoxide poisoning kills around 20 people per year and the main cause is from gas appliances being incorrectly installed, maintained or ventilated. The service will identify any carbon monoxide leaks, which can cause illness, brain damage or death if inhaled – the substance is so dangerous because you cannot see, smell or taste it. The symptoms include headaches, vomiting, drowsiness and breathlessness. Along with your regular boiler servicing why not install a CO alarm which can detect leaks, just make sure it conforms with BS EN 50291 standards
  • Reduce your fuel bills – A boiler engineer will make sure your boiler is running as efficiently as possible, this will save you money on household bills thus reducing your carbon emissions
  • Ensure your insurance remains valid with a boiler service – Many boilers come with a warranty which is only valid under certain conditions; usually one of them is that the boiler is serviced regularly by a certified engineer
  • Stay within the law with boiler services – While there is no legal requirement for homeowners to have their boilers serviced, landlords are legally obliged to have the boiler serviced annually and provide a Gas Safety certificate to prove the work has been done. More info below

Faulty Boilers and fires can be extremely dangerous

Here are a few signs to look for should you have any concerns for the safety of your boiler.

  • Staining, sooting or discoloration on or around your boiler, fire or heaters
  • Ventilation is important, keep all vents clear along with your chimney and flue system
  • Check your pilot lights along with the flames colour, they should burn blue, if the flame is yellow or orange CO may be present. Call us if this is the case.

The only way to truly know 100% if your system is safe book in for a  Gas Fire Service. We have again detailed what this entails

  • The area will first be prepared with dust sheets
  • The gas fire will be removed from the wall
  • All parts will then be cleaned and inspected ensuring their correct function
  • A burner pressure test will be carried out
  • A full operation test will be carried out
  • The fire will be refitted ensuring correct positioning of coals
  • Work area tidied before we leave

Maybe your boiler or fire is still in good condition but may need a repair, you have come to the right place. Our First time repair success rate is extremely high. We always discuss the cost of any repair work prior to any work being under taken and pride ourselves on customer service. Rest assured our priority is fixing your appliance fast, efficiently and without comebacks.

Are you a landlord? Are you aware of your duties as a landlord?

  • To ensure gas fittings & flues are maintained & in a safe condition
  • Gas appliances should be serviced in accordance to manufacturers instructions. If not available a service is recommended on an annual basis
  • Ensure an annual safety check is carried out on each appliance/flue before any new lease starts, you must make sure that the checks are carried out within 1 year of any new lease.
  • Have all Installation, maintenance & safety checks completed by a gas safe registered engineer
  • Keep a record of the checks for at least 2 years
  • Issue a copy of the safety check record to the existing tenant within 28 days of the check being completed or to any new tenant before they move in


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